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Selection of texts published on the Net and the Web


– “Editoriale” (Editorial), NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), magazine on the net c/o Baskerville, 3/1994.

– “Telepresenze e telecomunità” (Telepresence and telecommunities), NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), september 1994. Text ripublished in Luca Gozzoli, Lorenzo Miglioli (edit by), Atti del Convegno NetDay (Acts of the NetDay Convention), Modena, PDS, 1994.

– “Editoriale” (Editorial), NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), magazine on the net, 12/1994.

– “Editoriale. @1995” (Editorial. @1995), NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), magazine on the net, 21/12/1994.

– “Intorno alla Conferenza sulla Società dell’Informazione” (About the Conference on the Information Society), in “Reti e democrazia” (Nets and Democracy), online forum curated by Simone Bedetti, NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), magazine on the net, 3/1995.

– “Editoriale. …In Touch with Universe… NetMagazine è in Internet” (Editorial …In Touch with Universe… Netmagazine is in Internet), NetMagazine (FirstClass edition), magazine on the net, 7/7/1995.

– “Editoriale. Prima di cominciare” (Editorial. Before starting), NetMagazine (World Wide Web edition), 7/7/1995.

– “Editoriale. Arte del mondo” (Editorial. Art of the world), NetMagazine (World Wide Web edition), 15/12/1995.

– Participation to the dossier “Critica d’arte in rete” (Art critic on the net), by Claudio Parrini and Francesco Galluzzi, on art and art critic changes with new media and networks. Texts by Antonio Caronia, Gabriele Perretta, Roberto Pinto, Ludovico Pratesi and Gianni Romano,, 4 1998.

– “Il discorso del mondo” (The discourse of the World), Archivio Attivo Arte Contemporanea, 06/1998.

– “L’arte sensibile e i modelli del vivente” (The sensible art and the living’s models), Noema, 1/2001.

– “Alba, arte transgenica, arte del vivente” (Alba, transgenic art, art of the living), Noema, 4/2001.

– “Addio a Pierre Restany, lo spirito libero della critica” (Goodbye to Pierre Restany, the free spirit of the critic), Noema, 6/2003.

– “Tecnologie del vivente” (Technologies of the living), 1, 2 and 3, Noema and, 2/2004.

– “Art and technosciences. Theoretical and thematic reflections”, Noema, 7/2004 (Italian and English).

– “Star Trek: Technologies of Disappearance”, Noema, 7/2004 (Italian and English).

– “Art, Multiplicity and Awareness”, Noema, 3/2005.

– “Art, Multiplicity and Awareness”, Virtuelle Platform, 5/2005.

– “Due o tre cose su Nam June Paik” (Two or three things about Nam June Paik), Noema, 2/2006.

– “Apple compie 30 anni” (Apple is thirty), Noema, 4/2006.

– (with Franco Torriani), “Arte e biotecnologie” (Art and biotechnologies), Noema, 05/2007.

– “The Double Division of the Living”, Noema, 04/2009.

– “From Life to Life. The Multiplicity of the Living”, Noema, 06/2009.

– “Simulation as a Global Resource”, Noema, 12/2009.

– “La ‘Terza vita’. Ipotesi sulla molteplicità del vivente” (The ‘Third Life’. Hypothesis on the multiplicity of the living), Scienza & Filosofia, n.2, 2009,

– “La simulación como recurso global” (Simulation as a Global Resource), TinTank, march 2010.

– “Interviewing new media art didactics with Pier Luigi Capucci”, Arts.blog, november 2010.

– “The Sensible Reality between Obviousness and Uncertainty”, Noema, november 2010.

– “Arte e interattività” (Art and Interactivity), Noema, january 2011.

– “Simulation beyond perspective. The discourse of holography as a tool for imagery, art, media studies and science”, Noema, october 2011.

– “The Internet of Things from the user’s perspective”, Noema’s-perspective/, october 2011.

– “The Internet of Things from the user’s perspective”, The Internet of Things Council’s-perspective, october 2011.

– “Art can save us. Art between Sustainability, Ecology, Economics” [part.1], Anja Puntari Website, october 2012.

– “Art can save us. Art between Sustainability, Ecology, Economics” [part.2], Anja Puntari Website, december 2012.

– (with Paolo Chighine), “Noema, un’analisi su quindici anni di innovazione” (Noema, an analysis on 15 years of innovation), D’Ars Magazine,, 27 march 2016.

– “Note sulla Survey dei 15 anni di attività di Noema / Note on Noema’s 15th Anniversary Survey”, Noema, bilingual (Italian/English),, 17 june 2016.

– “Ars Electronica 2016 – Alcune riflessioni preliminari / Some introductory reflections”, n-blog, bilingual (Italian/English),, 10 september 2016.

– “Cominciamo dal contorno / Let’s start from the boundaries”, n-blog, bilingual (Italian/English),, 11 september 2016.

– “Ancora sui droni / Still about drones”, n-blog, bilingual (Italian/English),, 12 september 2016.

– “Alchimisti, designer, artisti e affini / Alchemists, designers, artists and related”, n-blog, bilingual (Italian/English),, 16 september 2016.

– “Alla fine, l’arte / In the end, art”, n-blog, bilingual (Italian/English),, 16 october 2016.

– “Ars Electronica, come eravamo / Ars Electronica, as we were”,, bilingual (Italian/English),, 21 october 2016.

– (written with Franco Torriani) “Dialogismi e biopoetiche / Dialogisms and biopoetics”, in Noema, online,, 5 january 2017.

– “La ‘Terza Vita’, Ipotesi sulla molteplicità del vivente” (The Third Life. Hypothesis on the multiplicity of the living),, online,, 5 may 2017.

– “Essere nel futuro. Intervista a Pier Luigi Capucci” (Being in the future. Interview with Pier Luigi Capucci), Cronache Letterarie, online,, 11 december 2017.

– “Evolutionary creativity. The inner life and meaning of art”, Noema, online,, 13 january 2018.

– (written with Vincenzo Guarnieri) “Comunicare la scienza tra arte, scienza e tecnologia” (Communicating science among art, science and technology), Noema, online,, 02 Aprile 2018.

– (written with Franco Torriani) “Il corpo immerso” (The body immersed), in Noema, online,, 01 Dicembre 2018.


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