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Most Post Human IV – Beyond the Border

On April 9 I’ll be moderating the international roundtable “Most Post Human IV – Beyond the Border. What Early Years of XXI Century Teach Us About Being Alive”, at the MUSE Science Museum in Trento. As the flyer states, the research roundtable “Most Post Human IV – Beyond the Border” is meant to be…

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Subtle Technologies 2012

The 15th annual Subtle Technologies Festival took place in Toronto for 3 days (May 24-27, 2012), with scientists, artists and designers from all around the world to share ideas, science and artworks. This year the Festival for the first time was made in collaboration with Ryerson University, with a packed…

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PhD Planetary-Collegium M-Node NABA Research Grant Contest

A Ph.D Program I am involved in as a supervisor. Ph.D. Programs Competitions are open for admission to 10 PhD research position at M-Node Deadline for application are: – September 16th, 2009; – February 1st, 2010; – October 1st, 2010; – February 1st, 2011. Please notice: start of the…

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