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Manifesto Emersivo

 È appena uscito il saggio di Anaïs Bernard e Bernard Andrieu, Manifesto Emersivo. Nascita delle Arti Immersive, pubblicato da Noema Media & Publishing. È in formato eBook (PDF), ma a breve, per chi ama i libri cartacei, uscirà anche come print on demand. Il saggio mi vede coinvolto, insieme a Franco…

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A short video interview with Stelarc for fivewordsforthefuture

Some weeks ago, at NeoLife conference at the University of Western Australia in Perth (I posted an article on this very interesting conference below) I shoot a short video interview to Stelarc. The interview is published in the fivewordsforthefuture website, a project by Noema in which people are asked for thinking about five topics they think are important for…

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