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– NetMagazine – MagNet, first online magazine in Italy [here you can find the first issue on the Web and the last issue]. 1994-1997.

– Noema, magazine on technology-society relationships, releases 1.0 – 3.0. March 2000 – April 2012.

– (with Simona Caraceni and Ernesto Ferrari), DAMS Cinema Learning System, Learning System of the 2nd Level Degree Course in Cinema, television and Multimedia Production and of DAMS Cinema Curriculum, University of Bologna, 2003-2010.

– eLearning Lab, was born in 2002 from Noema‘s activities as a teaching platform to collaborate. The e.lab is online for the courses which need a learning system to share material, confront on topics and improve their teaching activities. 2002-2013.

– LinksLab, to easily insert a link to a website inside Noema. This project relies on the participation of all users. 2004-2010.

– (with Guido Capanna Piscè), mediascape, website on new media, society and their relationships, Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo”, 2004-2010.

–, v.1, Noema‘s blog supporting events almost in realtime. It offers reportages, writings, images, interviews, comments, movies. August 2005-2012.

– (with Andrea Ganduglia) MySoft, a project, mainly didactical, which collects online and on CD-ROM free and Open Source applications. October 2005-June 2008.

– <mediaversi>, website of the book series published by Clueb and coproduced by Noema, 2005.

– MyGallery, repository for pictures. April 2007.

– plcapucci personal website, personal Website, March 2007-June 2016.

– edu.List, is a project by Noema which gathers information about Academic Courses and Masters on arts/sciences/technologies. It is co-sponsored by Yasmin, your Arts Science Mediterranean International Network. 2009.

– H-ON, Web Television created inside the course of Visual Communication’s Design Methodology, LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti), Rimini, November 2009 – May 2010.

– Webox, Web Television created during the Cross Media Lab, workshop of the Degree Course in Visual Communication of the SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Lugano). 2010-2012.

– Noema Conferences: New Media Art Education & Research: Always Already New. Website for the International Conference organized by NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano), the PhD Program of the Planetary Collegium’s M-Node and the NABA School of Media Design & New Media Art in collaboration with NoemaLab. August 2010.

– (with Renato Alberti), release 2, December 2012.

– (with Emanuele Bertoni, Renato Alberti and Giorgia Benvenuti), FiveWordsForTheFuture, web project to understand the (cultural, social, technological, scientific) innovation and to imagine the future. January 2013.

– (with Emanuele Bertoni and Renato Alberti), Noema release 4.0, magazine on technology-sciences-society relationships. The old website remains online as an archive. April 2012.

– (with Renato Alberti), eLearning Lab release 2. June 2013.

– plcapucci personal website, release 2.0, personal Website, June 2016.

n-blog v.3.0
online, August 2016

<mediaversi> v.2.0
online, March 2017
online, April 2017
online, April 2017


Offline multimedia


– (ed.), Medialogie. Materiali integrativi sui media (Medialogie. Supplementary materials on media), CD-ROM, Rome, Noema – La Sapienza University, Rome, february 1999.

– (ed.), Cinema e televisione digitali. Il digitale nelle immagini dinamiche (Digital movies and television. Digital in dynamic images), CD-ROM, Bologna, University of Bologna, march 2000.

– (ed.), Y2KFresco, CD-ROM, Bologna, Bologna 2000 –, 2000.

– (ed.), Materiali prodotti nella parte seminariale del Corso di Teoria e tecniche delle comunicazioni di massa dedicata alla progettazione di contenuti per i nuovi media (A.A. 200/2001), CD-ROM, (Materials carried out during the seminar activity of the course of Theory and Techninques of Media, devoted to planning contents for the new Media). Bologna, Noema – University of Bologna, 2001.

– (ed.), Digital Memories. Alle origini della computer animation: 1980-1990 (Digital Memories. The computer animation’s origins), DVD Video, Bologna, University of Bologna, Majority of Bologna, Eventi Progetti Speciali, 2005.

– (ed.) with Andrea Ganduglia, MySoft, CD-ROM and Website on Open Source, Universities of Bologna and Urbino, Noema, 2005.


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