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Series founded and directed by Pier Luigi Capucci


Scientific Committee

Alberto Abruzzese – University IULM, Milan
Francesco Casetti – Yale University, New Haven
Jens Hauser – University of Copenhagen
Lev Manovich – City University of New York
Franco Torriani – Noema
Peter Weibel – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM), Karlsruhe


Editorial & Media Staff

Renato Alberti
Giorgio Cipolletta


Former members

Francesco La Polla† – University of Bologna
Alessandro Serra† – University of Bologna


< mediaversi > is a series of books, founded in 2004, which aims at reflecting in an interdisciplinary way on the relations among the media (not only the digitally based ones), the emergent scientific disciplines and technologies and the society in its fundamental expressions: culture, representations, communications, arts.

We think that an interdisciplinary approach is important to deepen the relationships and synergies among media and technologies which are often different and distant, and to face the issues and phenomena – on communications, creation, society – that are being generated. This approach relies on the convergence of humanistic and scientific disciplines. < mediaversi > aims at becoming a critical observatory focused on the cultural transformations that the new sciences and technologies are producing.

< mediaversi > is published by CLUEB and coproduced by Noema. It has an international Scientific Committee which reflects its transnational and interdisciplinary dimension.



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