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Three recent fivewordsforthefuture interviews

fivewordsforthefuture published three new interviews to Jadviga Charzyńska, Adam Zaretsky and Dalila Honorato. From the website: fivewordsforthefuture is a project with the goal of envisioning the future. It has originated from Noema and has started from an idea of Pier Luigi Capucci, Renato Alberti, Emanuele Bertoni and Giorgia Benvenuti. fivewordsforthefuture‘s main object is to help people to identify…

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Infoscapes @ Pordenone Design Week

Sono stato invitato, come già nel 2016, alla Pordenone Design Week, un evento centrato sul design, nella sua accezione più ampia, giunto alla VII edizione, che ha tra gli scopi principali quello di promuovere la creatività e l’innovazione in questa parte del nostro Paese. Curato da Giuseppe Marinelli De Marco,…

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Ars Electronica 2016 updates in the n-blog

The n-blog, which is a Noema project, has updated its Ars Electronica 2016 reportage with new interviews and articles. One more interview has been published in fivewordsforthefuture website. fivewordsforthefuture is a Noema project as well which aims at helping people to understand innovation, to imagine the future and have visions. This interview is to Christa Sommerer. Christa Sommerer studied Biology and Botany (1982-85), followed by…

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A short video interview with Stelarc for fivewordsforthefuture

Some weeks ago, at NeoLife conference at the University of Western Australia in Perth (I posted an article on this very interesting conference below) I shoot a short video interview to Stelarc. The interview is published in the fivewordsforthefuture website, a project by Noema in which people are asked for thinking about five topics they think are important for…

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The Third & The Seventh

This short movie, The Third & the Seventh, by Alex Roman is dated back to 2009 but this year it was presented at the Prix Ars Electronica where it received an Award of Distinction in the category of Computer Animation/Film/VFX. In my opinion this short movie was the most intriguing…

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Media education, education and media

On December 16, 2010 I participated to an international conference in Milan, “New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New”, organized by the Planetary Collegium’s M-Node (Milan Node) PhD and the NABA degree course in Media Design & New Media Art, in collaboration with NoemaLab and Mediateca Santa…

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