Gene Youngblood, autore del celebre Expanded Cinema (New York, P. Dutton, 1970), mi ha contattato in occasione dell’uscita dell’edizione del cinquantenario (New York, Fordham University Press, 2020) e ha concesso a Noema la pubblicazione della nuova introduzione.

Del libro originale ho curato nel 2013, insieme a Simonetta Fadda, l’edizione italiana per la collana<mediaversi>, da me diretta e co-prodotta da Clueb in collaborazione con Noema. L’edizione italiana è in vendita presso Clueb.

 Gene Youngblood, author of the seminal book Expanded Cinema (New York, P. Dutton, 1970), got in touch with me on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the volume (New York, Fordham University Press, 2020), and granted Noema the publication of the new introduction.

Together with Simonetta Fadda I edited in 2013 the Italian edition of the book for the <mediaversi> series, which I am the director of, co-produced by Clueb in collaboration with Noema. The Italian edition edition of the book is on sale at Clueb.

Dall’introduzione all’edizione del cinquantenario / From the introduction to the fiftieth anniversary edition:

The idea of a communications revolution entered the countercultural imagination as I wrote Expanded Cinema. Before I finished the book, I wrote a “call to arms” for the inaugural edition in 1970 of the now-legendary journal Radical Software. It was the beginning of my lifelong commitment to media-centered radical political theory. In nearly 400 lectures around the world in the ensuing years, I never once spoke about Expanded Cinema as such. It was always this idea of a communications revolution – the decentralization and pluralization of the social construction of realities. It seemed perpetually about to happen, so I called it “the utopian myth” until the enabling technological infrastructure – digital convergence and the Internet – was in place at the millennium. Ever since the myth became reality, I have called the communications revolution “secession from the Broadcast,” exhorting all who desire it to leave our manifestly lethal culture as the first step toward creative destruction of the audience-nation. The door stands open before us.

Leggi l’introduzione completa qui / Read the full introduction here