I finally found the time to work on this personal website (as you may notice!), on the graphics, organization and content, and I updated it too. I also had some time to go back to an old project I started in 2007, based on an open source web based image organizerMyGallery, this is the name of my project, was born to build a gallery for sharing images of my old projects and works, and some personal images too. Unfortunately it really never satisfied me and I left it apart. Now MyGallery is working again with the latest release, and I think I’ll develop in the future, collecting, gathering and sharing images I have put on the social online services. By now I only succeeded in having MyGallery working (also thanks to the help of a colleague of mine) as a separate space from my personal website, but my idea is to integrate it into this website. Hope I’ll find the time (and the skills) to reach this goal.




MyGallery contains images and information from these projects:

NetMagazine – FirstClass and Web (1994-96)

MagNet – Website (1996-97)

Medialogie – CD-ROM (1997-98)

Cafe9.net – Online cultural collaborative network (2000)

Y2KFresco – CD-ROM and networked installation (2000)

Digital Memories – DVD Video (2005)