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August 2013


Use at your own risk

I’m arranging my logistics to go to Ars Electronica, Linz, this year too. I’ll be there from September 4 to 8 in the same hotel, so everything seems fine. But this post is to inform about an exhibition, Use at your own risk, organized in the Ars Electronica realm by the Linzer Art…

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Il virtuale come reale, vent’anni dopo / The virtual as real, twenty years after

 Sono passati vent’anni dalla pubblicazione del mio libro Realtà del virtuale. Rappresentazioni tecnologiche, comunicazione, arte (Bologna, Clueb, 1993), la cui prima edizione presentava un ologramma in copertina. Il libro, uno dei primi nel nostro Paese sull’impatto culturale delle tecnoscienze e delle tecnologie, certamente il primo in Italia con un ologramma in copertina, è ancora oggi…

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I finally found the time to work on this personal website (as you may notice!), on the graphics, organization and content, and I updated it too. I also had some time to go back to an old project I started in 2007, based on an open source web based image organizer. MyGallery, this is…

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