I participated to the International Summit “Internet as Innovation Eco-System”, on October 4, 2012, Riva del Garda. Organized by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), the aim of the summit was of bringing together worldwide participation, offering opportunities to succeed through innovation and cooperation. As the website states, “From individuals to the largest organizations, innovators come to EAI Summits to discuss ideas, apply knowledge, expand networks, and to learn and be recognized.” My intervention was in the “Future Scenarios Session”, with Martha G. Russell, Executive Director of Media X Program, Stanford University, and Valerio Eletti, Scientific Director of  LABeL Cattid Lab, University of Rome “La Sapienza”. My speech was about the effect that art can have on economy, innovation and technologies.



Here the abstract:

“The refusal of schemes, the unorthodox thinking, the divergent path, the unconventional deliberation, the unusual solution, the syncretic attitude, the attention for innovation, freedom and independence… are in the genes of making art. Phenomena like the turbulent chaos of human interactions, the dynamics of markets, the global communication processes, the syncretism of cultures, as well as the theories of physics, the mathematics of chaos, the complexity of the natural phenomena related to ecology, appear as very near to the dynamics of the artistic processes. Today it is difficult to understand and describe the complexity of the world without activating any artistic attitudes and approaches. Art as a sort of philosophy of contemporaneity, a critical resource to understand the present and look at the future. Art as a pivotal system for economy, innovation and technologies.”

From the website:

“The Summit’s Theme

Information and communication technology is becoming smarter; smaller; faster; and more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings a huge number of new opportunities and challenges in terms of scalability, capacity, throughput, mobility and trust.

By launching Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012, the EAI intends to be a driving force behind this effort to engage to use this technology to promote innovation via Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe. The main theme of the Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit and Exhibition 2012 is “Using Emerging IoT for Dissemination towards Innovation”. It aims to promote the development and adoption of advanced solutions in the ICT domain with the two-fold goal of fostering innovation in the European ICT domain as well as ensuring that future ICT is able to sustain innovation in all application domains: future Internet technologies and services, communications infrastructure and computing.”