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Art can save us (probably)

I wrote the text of the exhibition by the Finnish artist Anja Puntari Art can save us (probably), that is taking place in Udine from April 4 to May 19, 2012, in the Ultra gallery of the non profit Association “Arte Ex Dono“. According to Anja, the exhibition Art can…

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The Technological Herbarium (German edition)

I’m proud to announce that Gianna Maria Gatti’s book L’Erbario Tecnologico (Bologna, Clueb, 2005) has been translated into German (Das Technologische Herbarium, Berlin, Avinus Press, 2012), after being translated into English (The Technological Herbarium, Berlin, Avinus Press, 2010). Gianna Maria was one of my best alumni and I was the…

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