On November 5, as the president of the Jury of Milano in Digitale IV, I presented the winners of the contest. “Milano in Digitale” is a yearly prize promoted by the Milan based Fondazione D’Ars Oscar Signorini and it is devoted to the young artists working with the technologies. The Jury I chaired, whose members were Loretta Borrelli, Manuel Buscemi, Martina Coletti, Viola Lilith Russi, Davide Totaro, Valentina Tovaglia and Cristina Trivellin, selected as a winner the project GUSHO – Reactive Protective Dress, by Cora Bellotto and Laura Malinverni.

GUSHO – Reactive Protective Dress, by Cora Bellotto and Laura Malinverni

The award for the winner project is the production of the artwork and its exposition in a public exhibition inside the D’Ars Gallery. The project is a hybrid interactive installation among art, fashion, science and technology. The dress is designed to protect from the electromagnetic waves (in particular from the mobiles’ emissions). It is made of a shielding tissue and a technical electropneumatic device inflates the dress like a protection cave when the person is inside an electromagnetic field.

The other 4 selected project were very interesting too. Vision Project by Francesca Mereu, an interactive installation based on an virtual 3D (holographic) projection; Landmoves by Bruno Zamborlin, Marco Liuni and Giorgio Partesana, an installation that allows reshaping a virtual panorama interacting with the body; Sogni dimenticati by Erica Falcinelli, an installation to detect the brainwaves and allow the people to interact with movies of forgotten dreams; Il pensiero si forma in bocca by TeatroBalocco (Silvia Testa and Maura Esposito), based on the ability of a computer to behavior in a simbolic way reading a damaged text acquired through a scanner.

The Jury also gave a Special Mention to the projects Graffiti urbani by Giacomo Regallo, Piccoli in orchestra by Maria Teresa Treccozzi and Sonia Cenceschi and Saldo di Quirra by Az.Namusn.Art (Riccardo Fadda and Pietro Pintadu).

For technological, art-science based and poetic issues, all the winner projects were very interesting and innovative, making Milano in Digitale one of the most advanced contests in Italy.

Here you can find all the information on the projects.


MELTINGPOT – cantiere creativo per la new media art


GUSHO – Reactive  Protective Dress

installazione interattiva tra arte, moda, scienza e tecnologia
di Cora Bellotto e Laura Malinverni, vincitrici di Milano in digitale IV


Introduzione di Pier Luigi Capucci, Presidente di giuria del concorso Milano in digitale IV
In occasione dell’inaugurazione della mostra saranno inoltre presentati i progetti dei primi 5 classificati al concorso:

Vision Project di Francesca Mereu
Landmoves di Bruno Zamborlin, Marco Liuni, Giorgio Partesana
Sogni dimenticati di Erica Falcinelli
Il pensiero si forma in bocca di TeatroBalocco (Silvia Testa e Maura Esposito)