NABA, the PhD Program of the Planetary Collegium’s M-Node and the NABA School of Media Design & New Media Art, in cooperation with NoemaLab are organizing “New Media Art Education & Research: Always Already New”, a 3 days symposium  to discuss about future strategies and forms of education in Media, Art & Design and on the role of the research and production spaces for artists and creative professionals working with technologies. Milan, December 16 – 18, 2010.

The event website shows all the terms to participate, and the deadline for the abstracts’ sending is on October 31.

Until now the confirmed participants are Roy Ascott, Derrick de Kerckhove, Geert Lovink, Siegfried Zielinski, Antonio Caronia, Pier Luigi Capucci, Inke Arns, Francesco Monico, Gerfried Stocker, Denis Jaromil Rojo, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Alan Shapiro, Tine Melzer, Franco Torriani, Stephen Kovats, Alterazioni Video, Gabriela Galati, Salvatore Iaconesi, Maurizio Bortolotti, Michael Bauwens, Sonia Cillari, Sarah Ciracì, Enrica Borghi, Tommaso Tozzi, Andris Brinckmanis, Amos Bianchi, Maresa Lippolis, Marco Mancuso, Paolo Atzori, Dimitri Chimenti, Alberto D’Ottavi.

“Always Already New” is part of the New Media Art Education & Research conferences that the PhD Program M-Node and the NABA Department of Media Design & New Media Art have been organizing for a few years. The education and research programs will provide opportunities for discussion and engagement with a wide range of professionals: teachers, researchers, scholars, curators, meetings’ experts, from art and technology labs across Italy and worlwide.

After the three days with international participants from many realms NABA Media Design & New Media Arts and M-NODE in collaboration with NoemaLab will also identify the key topics for a follow-up expert’s meeting as well as some urgent research areas to focus on in the 2011 symposium.

• Art on the Edge: new strategies for sustainable creativity;
• The New Creativity: art and education in the time of transformations;
• Transdisciplinary Territory: the limits of Video in Media education;
• Changing visions: new models of art in education; Beyond Sensibility: new perspectives on art and its formation;
• Authoritarian dreams imaginary, vision and utopias, beyond dreams;
• New Instruments for Teaching and Learning: do they change anything?
• Relevant experiences and case histories..