A Ph.D Program I am involved in as a supervisor.

Ph.D. Programs

Competitions are open for admission to 10 PhD research position at M-Node
Deadline for application are:

– September 16th, 2009;
– February 1st, 2010;
– October 1st, 2010;
– February 1st, 2011.

Please notice: start of the program: one month after deadline for application.

M-Node Ph.D. Program Areas:

– Sincretic Arts;
– Aestetics;
– Cultural Studies;
– Media Design;
– Art & Design:
– New Media Art;
– Tech Art;
– Bio Art.

M-Node is a competitive Graduate Research Program, designed to attract talented students and scholars.

Ph.D. programs and research networks at M-Node focus on processes of cultural and technological change.

The main goal of the doctoral programs is to produce cultural and technological knowledge in areas marked by a lack of metodological approach and skilled human capital.

M-Node focuses exclusively on Doctoral and Postdoctoral programs, starting on Ph.D programs, achieving a significant integration between research on arts and technologies.

Graduates from M-Node – will combine robust theoretical grounding with advanced analytical techniques, and they will be part of an international network of researchers on arts & design, media design, philosophy and cultural studies.

PhD Planetary-Collegium M-Node NABA Research Grant Contest

The PhD Planetary Collegium M-Node Doctorate program created a grant contest for 10 PhD researcher positions.

Deadline for application are:

On June 11, 2009, The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti- NABA board of directors has deliberated the opening of 6 research grants for the PhD Planetary –Collegium M-Node doctorate program. The grants will be divided into: 4 partial grants and 2 full grants, for part-time program.

The research grants will be assigned by the international committee consisted of: a keen emeritus Academy member, a doctoral research member and a keen representative of the world art. In the event that the researches collected do not meet the excellence level requested, the International committee reserves the right of not issuing any grants.

The grants will be issued during the Admission Sessions indicated on the M-Node website.
The grants will be assigned based on: project’s cultural relevance (national and international) with particular emphasis on: a) the effective new knowledge improvement b) the effective contribution to the digital media research development as well as to the tecnoscientific dimension c) the level of attention that has been dedicated to the partecipatory themes.

UE Citizens can participate to both (partial and full) grant selection, whether the Non-EU citizens can participate only to the selection of partial grants.

The grant contest will be pubblicated on the website: www.m-node.org as well as on NABA website: www.naba.it. It is binded to the Planetary-Collegium M-Node research program admission.

To participate to the research grant contest, please download the application form, fill it out and send it by certified mail, not email, at the following address: PhD M-Node, NABA, Via Carlo Darwin 20, 20143 Milano. The grant selection will last until all grants have been assigned.

Application form download (http://www.m-node.org/Application_Form_MNode_0506.doc)
Grant application form (ITA) (http://www.m-node.org/materiali/bando_borsericerca_mnode.pdf)
Grant application form (ENG) (http://www.m-node.org/materiali/admission_grant_mnode.pdf)